Chuukese voters

Vancouver, washington

“There were many awesome questions asked one of which was how to raise the minimum wage of private sector employees. A very important question since nothing has been done about it for so many years.”

“Aside from thanking the man above, we must tip our hats and bow our heads to the Commander of Unity, the Educator of Diversity and our dear President, his excellency Manny Mori. We all witnessed his…

“Is Chuuk ready for Independence? If you follow the Chuuk Political Status Commission, the answer is an astounding YES. But others don’t think so. For this article, I would try to confront this issue point by…

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Kinisou ngeni kot ren manaw me pochokun pwan kinisou chapur fan iten nouch kewe ren ar mochen me pwan achocho me awora ar fansoun ar repwe eto churi kich aramasen Chuuk non Vancouver, Washington me Portland, Oregon.

Ach chufengen a fis non ei park itan Orchard Community Park non Vancouver, Washington. Nouch kewe candidates ren Governor me Lieutenant governor, ren Daniel J. Rescue me chiechian Gardenia Aisek ra mojen churikich chon Chuuk ren ar repwe atoura me awewei met popun me wewen ar ra mochen repwe wisen emweni me emokutu achuwe muun Chuuk.

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